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Entrepreneurs: 3 Things to Start Your Day Right

As an aspiring or active entrepreneur, there’s lots of content out lately about the morning habits of the highly successful. Can you emulate these people to guarantee success?

Exercise, meditation and eating a good breakfast are healthy morning choices, but they don’t necessarily reflect what all entrepreneurs do.

In her recent Entrepreneur article Carolyn Sun lists the morning habits of 10 entrepreneurs How Does Your Morning Routine Compare to Elan Musk’s, Sheryl Sandberg’s and Warren Buffett’s?  Some of these celebrities exercise, some do email, some read papers. Breakfasts range from fish, salad, Egg McMuffin, coffee or CocaCola. Pretty much what you’d probably find in a survey of the general population.

http://bit.ly/MorningHabits2 https://www.entrepreneur.com/ @CarolynSSun


A link from this same article gets you to another Entrepreneur article. 8 Actions You Can Take Every Morning to Build Your Side Business Faster by Ahmed Safwan. Meditation, ignoring email and social media, exercise, affirm, visualize, read, journal and finally work are his list of must do items for successful entrepreneur’s mornings.

http://bit.ly/MorningActions https://www.entrepreneur.com/ @ahmedsafwan10

Here’s 3 things you need to start every morning and move your enterprise toward success – literally before you get out of bed – from the sublime to the ridiculously easy.

  • Get out of the tunnel – Tunnel vision is dangerous, take a few minutes to get yourself out of the tunnel and widen your vista.
  • Put out fires – Check email or other information sources to make sure that the wheels didn’t fall off the bus during the night.
  • Refine your focus to today – Check calendars, review tasks, plan for upcoming meetings, etc. Again, try and evaluate each use of your and your employee’s time and verify that it’s useful and moving the needle toward your goals.

Meditation, exercise and eating healthy are great for you, but being an entrepreneur takes a commitment from you that goes beyond normal lifestyle choices.

Take these three first-of-the day steps to start your day right.



Mary Chandler, Entrepreneur, Peace Corps Georgia Volunteer, Instrument Rated Pilot and Botanist. This blog was written as an assignment in Coursera’s Social Media Marketing specialty from Northwestern University

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